A Working Artist Shows Up for Her Passion: Kelly Reichardt on Gentle New Character Study Balancing Life, Creative Demands

Filmmaker Kelly Reichardt—whose three-decade career as an independent filmmaker specializing in spare, minimalist excursions—is an artist freed from American commercial sensibilities; a nonconformist favoring nuance over plot and ambiguity over resolution.  In pictures like Wendy and Lucy, about a young homeless woman searching for…

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The Best Movies of 2022

It was a terrific year in film, and while box office receipts for adult-oriented pictures took quite a hit this awards season with the majority of potential Oscar contenders grossing less than $10m each, the high bar quality of 2022 releases made creating a…

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2022: 5 Films to Avoid

I always hesitate to create a “worst” movies of the year list as films are generally so difficult to make that it is a wonder any ever get completed, and the achievements of artists who have, with passion, purpose and good intentions, poured everything…

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