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* * * Jessica Chastain, the ubiquitous star of Zero Dark Thirty whose versatility apparently knows no bounds, stars in the new supernatural thriller Mama, an eerie ghost story that relies more on suggestion than visceral thrills.  If it doesn’t exactly scare us, it certainly raises a goosebump or two. Produced by Guillermo del Toro […]

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* * * * Michael Haneke’s Amour, the winner of last year’s Palm d’Or at Cannes, is a likely candidate for the most painful movie you might ever see.  It’s a movie that looks at aging and death with such open-eyed, clinical precision, completely lacking in sentiment, that it has the effect of a horror […]

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Zero Dark Thirty

* * * * Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty, about the decade-long hunt for and ultimate killing of Osama bin Laden, is an unmistakable masterpiece. It’s also a picture that does not reach out to us with character, sentiment or resolution – and is nonetheless an essential, thought-provoking, non-dramatized piece of investigative journalism from writer […]

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